Hi there, my name is Ramona and I'm glad that you found your way to me.

To be honest, death used to be a distant thought for me, too busy facing the everyday challenges of life.

But then death unexpectedly entered my life and, with its multitude and immense power, became one of the greatest challenges I have ever experienced.

Death was no longer just a distant thought, but an overwhelming reality that radically changed my life.

These encounters with death tore a deep hole in my heart and forced me to take a fundamentally new look at myself and my life.

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My personal path has always been characterized by challenges. This includes many experiences of loss that have influenced my life since I was 9 years old.

Death, however, was a very distant thought that never really played a role in my life. But when it came into my life, it came with an overwhelming force and formed my new reality.

It all started with the person who meant everything to me in my life – my very best friend.
Do you know that? A person in life who is confidant, understanding, supportive, challenging and encouraging at the same time, motivating and is someone with whom you can have a lot of fun and experience the greatest stories? That’s what he meant for me.
But then, all of a sudden, it came – the heart attack that took my best friend’s life when he was only 39 years old! From one second to the next, my world fell to pieces.
When this happened, I was heavily pregnant. Two months later my first daughter was born. My goodness, what bright blue eyes, sweet blonde curls, what a presence that lit up the room every day.
But barely a few weeks after her birth, the turning point came – the diagnosis: Canavan’s disease!
Canavan’s disease is a severe physical and mental multiple disability with a shortened life expectancy.
Ramona steht in einem Bogen und lächelt in die Kamera

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich​

This illness not only robbed my girl of the opportunity for independence and self-sufficiency, but also of any sparkle in her ocean blue eyes.
The joy of life drained away and she became a frightened, shattered version of herself and what about me? Standing there helpless, unable to handle things anymore and unable to help her in some way. Fear, worry, pain and deep disunity began and also the fight for survival!
But then, about six months later, a happy event occurred. We were given a second daughter. What joy, hope and love now made room in our lives.
Unfortunately, this event was not to be crowned with luck either. The result in the 21st week of pregnancy – very short – The doctors’ statement: “We are very sorry, but this girl will also be born with the Canavan’s disease.”
Again, it hit me hard – my heart was in shambles and my life ruined again. Everything was gone now; my last hope and my last strength.
My baby girl was born and died in my arms four hours after birth.
Shaken by life, consumed by pain, overwhelmed by helplessness, we continued to fight for the life of our older daughter.
It was a hard and fierce fight but shortly before her 2nd birthday she died in my arms from Influenza A.
My life was doomed. My meaning for life was no longer available. Why should I continue to stay here on earth without the people who were dearest to me?
Life seemed to offer me nothing but pain, suffering and sorrow and so I became a heap of misery lying in ruins.
Further losses followed – year after year – for 5 consecutive years I lost someone close to me to death.
Unshakeable emptiness, pain, sadness overwhelmed me after all these losses and with all these things I sank…

What happened then?

I found a way with which I could process my grief without feeling overwhelmed and heavy but sustainably and quickly! The key was the Deep Impact Method.


Ramona sitzt auf einem Stein und lächelt in die Kamera

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich

My Deep Impact

Through coping with grief with the Deep Impact Method I got to know myself in the depths of my being. Today, I can draw the essence of all these experiences to pursue my passion. It is my passion to accompany people transform their grief and support them to achieve their pain-free and loving memory and show them how to start their path to a life worth living. For me it is the most beautiful and fulfilling experience I could ever imagine. This is exactly the reason why I get up every day in the morning!


The secret of the Deep Impact Method is the magic of special emotion processing that strengthens your abilities to come to terms with your feelings in a new way with which you can transform all your pain of loss and use the powerful energy of memory to create your new reality.

Discover your Deep Impact now!


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