An innovative method makes coping with grief easier than you ever thought possible! It has never been easier to resolve the pain of loss and to deal with grief in a carefree way!

The innovative Deep Impact Method provides you, in just 20 minutes a day, with the grief help you need to finally let go of your pain of loss, fill loneliness & emptiness with love & achieve the handling of your emotions that gives you strength & hope to build your new life.

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich

A completely different way of coping with grief - The key to a carefree & grief-free life!

In this 1 on 1 Coaching Program you will...

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As a recognised expert in grief management, I know exactly what is important when coping with grief. I not only draw on the professional expertise of my studies/training/continuing education and various personality coaching sessions, but also on the personal experiences of many of my own losses that I have had to experience throughout my life.

These included the sudden death of my very best friend and even the loss of my own two children who, independently of each other, died from illness.

My own grief recovery process is the key to this Deep Impact Method, which has been refined & optimised over the years through the countless experiences of clients, so that you also are able to benefit from an extraordinary grief recovery process and achieve the greatest possible results as quickly as possible.


  • your child
  • your partner
  • your husband / wife
  • your siblings / grandparents
  • your mother / father
  • your pet (dog/cat/horse…)
  • have lost other family members / friends / work colleagues / loved ones or
  • you are now an orphaned mother / father or
  • need to recover from a separation
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photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich

If you don’t sign up now, you risk remaining trapped in pain and missing out on the opportunity for inner peace and new hope.

You also run the risk of losing your strength, being unable to function in the long term and completely losing your zest for life.

Act now and register for a free, personal consultation with me so that we can discuss your individual path.

Feedback from people I accompanied in their grief

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich


and come into realisation to finally get out of your heavy pain of loss and into the power of your life.

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