your path to emotional stability

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In this program you will…

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Grief Management Expert​

The key to your emotionally balanced & loving grief recovery process lies in the Deep Impact Method. 

If you have lost a loved one to death, I will support you with individual coaching to process your grief, build loving memories and create the life you deserve with new strength and hope.


  • Thoughts are circling and your emotions ride a roller coaster?
  • You are living 24/7 in a dark and heavy fog of pain and perplexity?
  • You only live to work because there is no strength left for more?
  • You get up in the morning and have even less energy than the day before?
  • You no longer feel complete because a part of you died with your loved one?
  • You sometimes wonder who you are without your loved one who passed away?

If you find yourself here then get your Deep Impact NOW!

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photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich

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photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich



As a well-known expert in grief management, I know exactly what is important when dealing with grief. In doing so, I not only draw on the professional expertise of studies/training/further education but especially on personal experiences of many of my own very close losses that I have had to experience throughout my life. Including the sudden death of my very best friend and even the loss of my own two children, each of whom I had to accompany, independently of each other, from illness to death.


My own grief recovery process is the key to this Deep Impact Method, which has been refined and optimized over the years through my own process and the countless experiences of my clients, so that you also can benefit from an extraordinary grief recovery process and achieve the greatest possible results as quickly as possible. 

Experience your own deep impact!

grief management PROGRAMS

Your path to emotional stability

It's your choice

If you have lost a loved one to death this program is designed to help you process your grief in a targeted manner, build loving and pain-free memories and pave the way to the life you want.



What if you had finally found a way to process your grief without feeling overwhelmed and heavy but sustainably and within an adequate time frame?


This program aims to equip you with the tools and strategies needed to engage to your ideal grieving process while investing only 20 min a day of your valuable time.

If you want a customized grief management program with intensive 1on1 cooperation then the Grief Management Program PRO Training is exactly the right program for you.

The Grief Management Program PRO EX is the right choice for you if you want an intensive cooperation with additional individual What`s App Massenging Support. 

Grief Management
Program PRO

Grief Management
Program PRO EX

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich

Your free consultation

You will be forwarded to Calendly to receive a free consultation. We look at where you are right now and what options you have to make your way through your grief successfully and sustainably.


Feedback from people I accompanied in their grief

Ramona neben Busch

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich


… and come into action to finally get out of your heavy pain of loss and into your loving and painless memory of your loved one who has passed away.

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