Grief - The pursuit of hope & fulfillment

In these podcast episodes I would like to give you insights into how we can deal with life and death in a meaningful way. What it takes to process feelings of grief effectively and in the long term and to use the experience as an opportunity to access our personal potential which we can use to achieve our vision of a fulfilled life.


Let yourself be guided, motivated and inspired so that you can find your way, too!


"How you find your way back to life through grief"

Podcast interview by Jeanette Richter (ZEITWELLEN: Denk dich glücklich) with Ramona Zembrod

Podcast Episode is spoken in German

Grief is a process that needs to be lived. That is not always easy. This podcast episode is about what gave me strength in my own experience with the loss of my two daughters, how I deal with it today and what method developed from it that I now use to accompany other people on their journey through their grief.


"65 | Grief in young people"

Podcast interview by Anna Lammer (state office BW companion) with Ramona Zembrod

Podcast Episode is spoken in German

The focus of this podcast episode is grief in adolescents and young adults. We talk about the challenges and needs of young people experiencing serious loss. We highlight the differences to children’s grief reactions, discuss the definition of pain and learn about rituals that can support adolescents and young adults in their grief.


"How to overcome grief and crises sustainably"

Podcast interview by Uli Haist (INSPIRATIV) with Ramona Zembrod

Podcast Episode is spoken in German

How can we overcome grief and crises sustainably? I reveal my inspirations and beliefs and explain in easy-to-understand language what it takes to fully overcome grief so, that we can start living a life worth living.


"Living a passion brings lightness with it"

Podcast interview by Yvonne Simon (BIG FIVE FOR LIFE) with Ramona Zembrod

Podcast Episode is spoken in German

“Have faith in your own strength and you will experience your personal miracles!” That is my motto. This podcast episode is about challenges in life and what it takes to deal with the topic of loss in a healthy way. I also talk about the choice of my path that led to turning my calling into a career.


"What does it take to overcome grief?”

Podcast interview by Kerstin Heinz (SHIFT – Letting Go & Life) with Ramona Zembrod

Podcast Episode is spoken in German

What happens to us when we mourn? Why does grief come in waves and overwhelm us so often? I have been dealing with these questions for years now – with great enthusiasm. With my work, I help bereaved people cope with grief and thus accompany them into a life full of joy and meaning.


Why it has never been so easy to process the severe pain of loss and to build a loving and, above all, pain-free memory of your loved one. Let my impulse video inspire you.

Impuls-Video is spoken in German.

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