Grief - The pursuit of hope & fulfillment

In these podcast episodes I would like to give you insights into how we can deal with life and death in a meaningful way. What it takes to process feelings of grief effectively and in the long term and to use the experience as an opportunity to access our personal potential which we can use to achieve our vision of a fulfilled life.


Let yourself be guided, motivated and inspired so that you can find your way, too!


"Dealing with the Pain of Losing a Loved One"

Do you know anyone who is suffering from the loss of a loved one? Maybe you, yourself are in the category. If a person you know comes to mind, I hope you`ll share this episode with those who are going through this difficult situation as I believe they will truly be blesses by it. Today, I am talking to Tony Wechsler about „Dealing with the Pain of Losing a Loved One.“


"From grief to hope"

Podcast interview from Heidi Alldredge (HeidisLemonAidStand Podcast) with Ramona
This story is about me! We were talking about how I overcame grief after losing my very best friend to a heart attack at the age of only 39 years (in 2014), then my youngest daughter four hours after birth (in 2015) and then my older daughter to illness (in 2016). We talked about how resilient I became and am now able to support people with my Deep Impact Method to find a new way to thrive in life while grieving!
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