Your path of inspiration in your vision of precious and prosperous life

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This ist the right program for you if…

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The Passion Is You…!

Ignite the fire within you and live a life full of passion, creativity and fulfillment. Dive into your transformative journey and discover your true passions; Unleash your creativity and realize your deepest dreams.


Are you ready to set your life on fire?

Ramona sitzt auf einer Blumenwiese

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich

ein kleines Pflänzchen sprießt aus der Erde


What if you finally found a way to live a fulfilling and authentic life using my Focus On Identity Method ? Would you be able to discover your passions, develop your full potential and achieve your goals?

How would you feel if you could come to deep self-knowledge, utilize your strengths, ignite your creativity, and advance your personal development to live a fulfilling and successful life?


Blick in die Natur

“Even if your goal is not yet clear,

you can trust the promise of this possibility;

Embrace the grace of beginning

which is one with the longing of your life.

Awaken your spirit for adventure,

hold nothing back. Learn to find ease in risk.

Soon you’ll be at home in a new rhythm

because your soul already feels the world that is waiting for you.“


John O`Donohue  

passionate lifeforce Training-Programs

Your path of inspiration in your vision of precious and prosperous life

It's your choice

You can decide for yourself which program offers you your personal added value:

If you want a customized coaching program and you want to implement your steps 1:1 then this Passionate LifeForce Training PRO is the right program for you.

The Passionate LifeForce Training PRO EX is the right choice for you if you want an intensive cooperation that gives you additional support and backing in your individual process.

Passionate LifeForce
Training PRO

Passionate LifeForce
Training PRO EX

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich

Your free consultation

You will be forwarded to Calendly to receive a free consultation. We look at where you are right now and what options you have to make your way through your process successfully and sustainably.

Feedback from people I accompanied

Ramona neben Busch

photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich


… and come into action to finally get clarity and focus for your personal purpose in life and to create the life you want to live with pure passion, pure heart and soul.

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