An innovative method makes dealing with self-esteem crises a completely new experience! It has never been easier to live a life of Independence & Freedom!

How you are able to emotionally detach yourself from negative relationships to overcome self-doubt and develop decision-making skills in just 8 weeks, without having to suffer recurring fears of rejection or psychological injuries.

The key to your emotionally free & independent life!

In this 1:1 coaching program you will...

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As a recognized expert in grief and crisis management, I know exactly what is important when dealing with self-esteem crises. In doing so, I not only draw on the professional expertise of studies/training and various personality coaching, but especially on personal experiences of many of my own crises and the most intense losses that I have had to experience since my childhood.


My most pronounced deficits were, among other things: Fear of failure; recurring rejection in friendships, school and work; lack of sense of belonging; intense self-esteem crises during puberty; followed by various losses such as the loss of a job, the loss of everything I knew at the age of 9 and losses through death: The sudden death of my very best friend and even the loss of my own two children, each of whom I had to witness, independently of each other, from illness to death.

My own grief management process, which is the basis of my Deep Impact Method, is the cornerstone for my innovative Focus On Identity Method, which I have been successfully using in Life Coaching for many years.


The Focus-On-Identity Method is so targeted, defined and designed to the point that it can achieve extraordinary results in just 8 weeks.


These topics are an important part of achieving emotional & strengthening resilience:

The focus is particularly on…

your self-worth
your thoughts
your feelings & emotional connections
your beliefs

your self-care
your authenticity

Do you finally want to feel free & independent? What are you waiting for?

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photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich

If you don’t sign up now, you risk entering a downward spiral of dissatisfaction & bitterness and missing out on the opportunity for inner peace and freedom.


There is also the risk of completely losing your joy in life and ultimately only functioning for others.


Act now and register for a free, personal conversation with me so that we can discuss your individual path.

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photographer: Anita Krüger @lichtecht_bilderreich


and come into action to finally start your FREE & INDEPENDENT life full of joy, love & passion.

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